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    Systematize Your Marketing: Often the difference between a successful practice and an unsuccessful practice is in the advertising and marketing. There are dozens, if not hundreds of ways to get your message out. The secret is to find the marketing that fits perfectly with your practice personality and philosophy. Once you are comfortable with that, there is a simple system you put in place to make sure it happens like clockwork!

    In-Office Strategies to Generate New Patients: Set your office up in a way that not only keeps your patients returning, but inspires them to refer their family and friends. When you put the proper focus on internal marketing strategies, you double the return on your investment of external marketing!

    Explode Your Practice through Public Lectures: You may have the best practice in town, but if the people in your town don’t understand WHAT you do, and WHY you do it, they may never find out about you. Explaining your passion to a group of people will not only be fulfilling to you, but it is exponentially more effective than explaining what you do to one patient at a time. Learn the tips and tools you need to master the scheduling and execution of public speaking to build your practice.

    Cash Practice Versus Insurance Practice: What are the advantages and disadvantages of a cash practice? What are the advantages and disadvantages of an insurance practice? Should you do one or the other…or both? Learn how you can determine which path is best for you and the goals you have set for yourself.

    The New Psychology of Practice Success: Your practice success is measured by many things: your income, your relationships with your staff members, your relationships with your patients, the overall effect you are having on your community, the stability of your practice as well as your personal fulfillment. If you are feeling exhausted because you are carrying the practice on your shoulders, learn the solid steps you can take to find personal fulfillment and experience real practice success.

    Three Things Every Doctor Must Have to Succeed: After more than 20 years of consulting hundreds of doctors, the Singletons have discovered that there are three things that all successful doctors have in common. Time and time again, these three things are present in doctors who are experiencing success in their practices. The good news is that doctors who are not yet successful or who are struggling to achieve their goals can easily attain the levels of success they desire by learning and implementing these three things.

    Your Professional Mindset: Achieving Success as a Doctor: There is not just one secret to practice success, but there are principles that can speed things up. The trick is simply knowing what they are and being committed to follow through. Being smart won’t ensure success nor will simply wanting it. Developing the “Professional Mindset” for success is a blueprint to set you on the right path.

    Revisiting D.D. Palmer's Theory on Trauma, Toxins and Thoughts: This seminar will teach the chiropractic community about the relevance of D.D. Palmer’s three “T’s” – thoughts, traumas, and toxins – in contemporary chiropractic clinics. A better understanding of these three issues will help chiropractors improve patient outcomes, reduce pain more efficiently, and facilitate healthy changes that last a lifetime. The seminar begins with an overview of different types of trauma and holistic healing techniques. It will then introduce three sources of exposure to toxins (ingestion, absorption, and inhalation) and discuss herbs that can be used to facilitate detoxification. Finally, the course will explore ways that thoughts and feelings (stress, for example) can help or hinder the body’s natural healing process.

    Nutrition in the Chiropractic Office: We’ve heard about D.D. Palmer’s three “t”s…Trauma, Thoughts and Toxins. We address trauma through the chiropractic adjustment, but often overlook toxins. One hundred years ago, chiropractors were working with patients with abnormal stress on normal tissue. Today chiropractors work most often on patients with abnormal tissue; thus the need to not only focus on trauma, as suggested by Dr. Palmer, but also toxins. Patient care is enhanced through proper nutritional protocols.

    Candida and Chiropractic: Candida Albicans, an opportunistic fungus, can cause many undesirable symptoms in chiropractic patients. As Candida spreads through the body, the toxic byproducts can cause damage to the patients’ body tissues and organs, wreaking havoc on their immune system. Candida Albicans is becoming more and more common in chiropractic patients. Proper protocols can help your patients become symptom free.

    How to Hire the Right Employees to Manage and Build Your Practice: If you are like most doctors, you are not great at hiring the right employees. Having the right staff will make your life easy…but hiring the wrong staff will make your life miserable. Learn how to interview, how to determine who is the right fit for you and your practice, and how to hire your dream team.

    Telephone Etiquette for the Chiropractic Office: The way the phone is answered will either help or hurt the practice. If you and/or your staff does not realize the power of the telephone, that is about to change! There are five specific things that need to be accomplished on each phone call. Make sure that each person who answers phone in your office is well-versed in all five, and watch your practice flourish!

    Secrets to Building a Five-Star Patient Service Practice: Your most powerful growth engine and your best protection from competition is cultivating true patient loyalty. Learn the steps you need to take to provide superior patient service. Unlock the patient service habits that will leave your competitors in the dust, keep your patients coming back and have your profits soaring!

    Double Your Practice Through Staff Referrals: Turning your employees into raving fans is as easy as implementing the system to ensure it happens. Once your employees discover the incredible power you and your office have to make a huge impact on your community, your staff will naturally build the practice for you…and with these steps, you can double your practice through the staff referrals.

    Ten Success Principles for Practitioners: Todd and Nancy Singleton have together built several multi-million dollar businesses…but along the road to success they also lost millions. This business team has worked together for 30 years. During this presentation, they pull back the curtain to show practitioners 10 specific steps to energize a practice. Attendees will take away a plan to run their practices at a profit, rather than having their practices run them. A combination of real life examples and lessons learned, this presentation is meant to inspire doctors to reignite their passion for practice and learn real-world tools they can take back and implement on Monday morning.

    The Singletons can customize a presentation for your event. Topics they have customized before have ranged from "Adding Modalities to Increase Patient Care" to "Hiring Rockstar Employees." Any topic that deals with health, wellness, chiropractic, employee management, business development, marketing, implementing systems or anything that deals with the running of a practice can be customized specifically for you.